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Mold Growth in Kissimmee, FL.

What do I do after I find a potential mold infestation in my Kissimmee, FL home?

Call SERVPRO of Osceola County! Our team has the experience, expertise, and equipment necessary to properly remove and remediate your mold infestation.

Disaster Recovery Team - Ready to Respond

There is never a convenient time for disasters to strike your home or business in Kissimmee, FL! Our SERVPRO of Osceola County Disaster Recovery Team is on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Give us a call!

Do you have Hardwood Floors in your Home?

Some Tips on Water Damage are:

- Don't use your TV or any other electrical appliances.

- Leave your air conditioning on.

- If there is any concern of damage to the ceiling do not turn on a ceiling fan. 

Employee Appreciation

"Brandon, Joseph and Sandro did a good job! The guys were great and it was nice to work with them!"     ~John in St. Cloud, FL

SERVPRO is so lucky to have awesome employees that get mentioned by name! 

Tree Inside

This is the type of job when SERVPRO understands how stressed out you are. Your home is not livable, you may be in a hotel or staying with a relative. These are stressful times. We work as hard as we can to get the job done so you can get back to your lives.  

Why Us?

"We had a great experience with SERVPRO.  They were very detailed and offered us every option to ensure our business was back and open quickly.  We would recommend to anyone needing Restoration services." 

~ Michael F in St Cloud, FL

Fire Containment

Our Team will section off the contaminated area upon arrival. Thus, preventing the spread of soot, water, or mold. This is an important part of our process, that's why we are "Faster to any size disaster." 

Water Damage Equipment

SERVPRO of Osceola County uses state of the art equipment to dry out homes and business after water damage. The dehumidifier takes the moisture out of the air, the air movers create more moisture in the air. 

Mold Damage is Secondary Damage

The initial loss is from a burst pipe or flooding. If the water damage is cleaned up quickly then mold doesn't have time to grow. If mold has time to grow then it will be secondary to the first damage, which is a water damage.

Pipe Break and Wood Floor Damage

A broken pipe flooded down the wall and broke open the drywall. Enough water had flooded the room that the floors started to lift and separate from soaking up there moisture.

SERVPRO of Osceola County can handle any size cleanup.

Broken Water Heater Flood

Water heaters break every 8-10 years. They can hold up to 50 gallons for the big ones. With so much water it is going to take extraction, dehumidification, and air movers to get the home dry. Call SERVPRO of Osceola County if your water heater breaks.

School Fire Damage

SERVPRO of Osceola County takes care of your commercial buildings after fire damage. This school was damaged from an electrical fire and needed our services. We cleaned up the school "Like it never even happened."

Kitchen Fire in Kissimmee, FL

A fire damage is very serious cleanup work. We have empathy for those who have needed cleanup after a fire. Count on the best team in Osceola County to cleanup your fire damaged home after a kitchen fire.

Roof and Celling Damage

When water comes through roof it's industry standard to remove the ceiling. We placed a tar on the roof to stop the storm water from getting in and started with removing and drying the ceiling. After the storm ended we were able to get the roof and home restored.

Flood Damage in Kissimmee Home

Some storms cause flooding and wind damage and this home had received the brunt of the storm. The roof was damaged and the flood water entered through the glass doors. SERVPRO of Osceola County took care of the home "Like it never even happened."

Flooding after Hurricane Flooding

The flooding from a hurricane can fill up a commercial building in St. Cloud causing a lot of damage. You need the experts from SERVPRO of Osceola County to cleanup hurricane damage when it floods your commercial building.

Hurricane Damage Cleanup

When your home needs hurricane damage cleanup, SERVPRO of Osceola County is the best choice.

Faster to Any Size Disaster

We'll be at your home quickly to assess the damage and begin the cleanup process. Don't wait! Call SERVPRO of Osceola County for Hurricane Damage Cleanup

Salon Flood in Kissimmee, FL

A salon had flooded with a lot of water when a pipe had broken. They called SERVPRO of Osceola County after talking to their insurance company.

We're glad to be the Water Damage Restoration company of choice for most insurance companies.

Water Damage Restoration

Flooded Toilet in Kissimmee, FL

The damage from a clogged toilet can cause a lot of problems in your home. We were called to cleanup after the toilet flood and restore this home "Like it never even happened."

Large Commercial Flood

The flooding in this building was due to a broken pipe. There was a lot of water causing the backing of the carpet to crumble and not hold it's shape. We'll remove the carpet and pad to save the drywall.

Roof Damage in Celebration, FL

SERVPRO of Osceola County is ready for any type of damage. Parts of this roof had blown off which cause rain water to soak through the ceiling. We added plastic to the roof to begin the drying process until the roof could be mended.

Kitchen Fire

The kitchen is where there is the most likely hood for fire damage. We often see fire damage and smoke damage in the kitchen. That is why our insurance companies are great. They help us even when it's our fault.

Flooded Building in Saint Cloud, FL

When your building has been flooded there is only one company you need to call. Give SERVPRO of Osceola County the job and we'll make sure you are back in business as quickly as possible.

Moldy Wall Damage

After significant flooding and water damage after the water had resided, this room was left with mold damage.  SERVPRO has professional cleaning techniques to remove the affected areas and restore back to pre mold conditions. 

Commercial Pipe Break

SERVPRO responded to a commercial pipe break immediately and began mitigation process.  The pipe break was causing water to run throughout the offices.  The water was cut off and repairs were performed. 

Water Damage Equipment

During the drying process of a water damage, our technicians use moisture meters to check the progress of the damaged walls and flooring.

SERVPRO of Osceola County sends technicians to the site on a daily basis to monitor the drying process.

Water Damage turns Mold Damage in Celebration, FL

This is the aftermath of a large water damage that occurred in a vacation home. Since no one lived there all-year around, the water damage went unnoticed for weeks. When the homeowner returned the house was covered in 2 feet up. He called SERVPRO of Osceola County and our techs were out at his house the next time. He couldn't believe how fast our team remediated his home.

Rusty Pipe Burst in Kissimmee, FL

This is the result of a large water damage at a Kissimmee, Florida residence. Overtime this pipe rusted and corroded, which lead to this hole in the side of it. Older homes are more common to have this kind of piping. Builders today no long use this kind of piping because of this reason, instead builders use PCV piping.

Storm Caused Damaged in St. Cloud, FL

This is the result of a roof leak caused by a Florida thunderstorm. The rook leak continued to dip water through the insulation which eventually lead to affecting the ceiling. The water left several water marks of various shapes and sizes all throughout the living room. The owners couldn't believe we were able to dry out their attic and salvage their ceiling.

Kitchen Fire in Osceola County, FL

This is the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Kissimmee, Florida when we arrived on the scene. All throughout the condo, there was a significant amount of smoke and soot damage. The owners could not believe we were able to clean the soot off of all the walls and ceiling. He was so happy with our work and how quickly he was able to return home.

Kitchen Fire in Osceola County, FL

This is the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Kissimmee, Florida when we arrived on the scene. All throughout the condo, there was a significant amount of smoke and soot damage. The owners could not believe we were able to clean the soot off of all the walls and ceiling. He was so happy with our work and how quickly he was able to return home.

Mold Damage in Kissimmee, FL

This is the initial look at a Kissimmee home that is infested with mold. The homeowners were out of town for several weeks and returned home to find there beautiful home completely damaged by mold. The owner called the right team to handle the infestation, because after a week of demolition and intense cleaning, they had they home mold free.  

Kissimmee Flood Damage - Drying Equipment Staged & Ready

Kissimmee flood damage can leave lots of water damage in its wake. The faster the water clean up, the smaller the loss will be. SERVPRO is at the ready with sufficient water removal equipment and air movers to tackle any size disaster. If you have floodwater to contend with, call SERVPRO of Osceola County 24/7 at (407) 933-0707.

Storm Damage to Home in Celebration

Storm damage to the roof of the Celebration home allowed a large amount of water to accumulate above the ceiling in this room. When the weight became too great, the ceiling came down along with the water. The homeowner knew that several critical services would be required to repair his home. He chose SERVPRO because of their expertise in the overall restoration process. We provided temporary cover for his roof to prevent further damage. The roof was repaired. Water damage was extracted, and the affected building materials were dried. His ceiling was replaced. The owner wished this had never happened, but he was glad that he called SERVPRO of Osceola County. If you face water or storm damage, call us 24/7 at (407) 933-0707. We have 24-hour emergency service available.

Fire and Water Damage from a Fire

Often, water damage is a unfortunate side effect resulting from saving your home from a fire.  SERVPRO of Osceola is available 24/7 to help prevent your fire and water damages from growing into a mold damage as well!  Time is an important factor when mitigating damage.

Water Damage in Osceola Requires Special Tools

Water damage in Osceola is a serious matter, which requires serious equipment for mitigation. Pictured here is a Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifier, an invaluable tool in drying and restoration of water damage. SERVPRO has the largest supply of this specialized piece of equipment in the country. No matter how many dehumidifiers your project demands, we can place them at your facility within twelve hours. If your property suffers water damage, call SERVPRO of Osceola County 24/7 at (407) 933-0707. We have 24-hour emergency service.

Kissimmee Mold Damage Detection

Mold damage detection in Kissimmee is aided by Hi-tech devices utilized by SERVPRO such as this Thermal Imaging Camera. These cameras can help pinpoint hidden water damage behind walls and building content. Temperature differentials are detected revealing water movement brick walls, sub-floors, insulation, and more. If it is advanced equipment and procedures you seek to mitigate damages to your facility, call SERVPRO of Osceola County 24/7 at (407) 933-0707.