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8 Items to Toss out During Your Spring Cleaning

5/5/2017 (Permalink)

Expired Medication

It is important to know and stick to your medications expiration date. Over time medication can lose its original potency, decreasing its effect. Instead of allowing these expired medication cluttering your medicine cabinet, simply flush them down the toilet or crush the pilled form and mix with dirt, kitty litter, or coffee ground and throw the mixture in the trash.

Old Receipts

First make sure you do not need the receipts for any kind of tax purpose. If you don’t, you should then shred the receipts (by hand, scissors, or shedder) and toss in the trash.

Freezer Foods

Frozen foods can be tricky, but foods that are freezer burn or any kind of meat products that are older than one year should certainly be disposed. The best way of disposing of these foods is waiting until trash day, this way the frozen foods will not have time to thaw and start smelling.

Makeup/Nail polish

Believe it or not, makeup and nail polish have an expiration date. It’s not printed on the items, but if you “google it” people have put together charts with lengths of time each type of makeup product lasts. Nail polish should be thrown out once too much air has gotten inside the bottle and becomes like molasses.


Your clothes that don’t fit, are discolored, or have holes, must go. They are just taking up valuable closet space that could be replaced by items you would actually wear. Throw out the clothing that are discolored or have hole and drop off the others at Goodwill.


Towels and blankets wear overtime and loose that soft fluffy feeling it had when you first bought it. Take these worn linens and donated them to your local animal shelter. You will feel good about it and get to treat yourself with new ones.

Gift bags

Recycling gift bags is a great way to save a few bucks, but that requires you to actually use them. If you did recycle them, you did it! If not, the bags are probably bent or ripped a bit and taking up storage space. Toss them out and feel good about the space you’ve recovered.

Travel samples

If you’re like me and always bringing home the mini travel size shampoo, conditioner, and lotion and believe that I’ll be able to use them for the next time I travel somewhere. But in reality, these samples are forgotten underneath the bathroom sink, simply taking up space and collecting dust.



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